Wheelchair Transportation

At Serra Yellow Cab, we offer the highest quality in ground transportation to those with special needs. We are dedicated to providing service that is not only prompt and professional, but kind and courteous as well.

Our services include:

  • - Wheelchair Access Vans
  • - Senior Citizen Discounts

We Accept

San Mateo County Vouchers
Corporate Vouchers
SF Paratransit Vouchers

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First, I tried all the other cab companies. It was a Saturday evening. I couldn't even get a live human being on the phone!

Then I turned to Yelp and found Serra Yellow Cab. A live human picked up and scheduled a cab to arrive in ten minutes. And it arrived ON TIME. wow. Because my doorbell doesn't work, they even called to let me know the cab was outside. The driver got me to my destination quickly and courteously.

Highly recommend and I will definitely use them again.

- Evelyn C.

Convenient way of getting from point a to point b. The drivers I have encountered are knowledgeable of the city streets and routes. No complaints here.

- Moses J.

I don't know why I haven't used this service more often than paying for parking at SFO. Its so much cheaper to take a cab and these guys definitely come on time to pick you up. From Daly City, it was around 20 dollars and 10 minutes. The cab driver was also pretty nice and courteous. One thing you should note is that cash is the preferred method of tender. For some reason, the credit card machine wasn't working when I tried to pay last time.

- David Y.

I use this company regularly to go to the airport on appointment. I travel for business at least twice per month. They always show up, on time or usually a bit early, wait patiently, help me with bags and make the trip pleasant. Their billing goes to my office consistently and the cars are clean.

What more could you ask for?

- Andreas A.

"I have yet to have an unpleasant experience with any of these guys. i guess it helps that i live near dc bart and they can get to my place in five mintues or less.

a few days ago, there was a terribly fucked up crime. some piece of shit nearly stabbed an elderly cab driver for a few bucks.

someone should take this kid out back and shoot him a few times in the gut, let him rot in a box for a few days, then one between the eyes.

the following day, i called serra cab for a ride out. when i was getting out at my stop. i said to the guy.

* hey, im sure you guys dont hear this enough. thank you for driving so i dont have to drive drunk. *

we might complain about how theres never enough cabs in sf. we complain about how bad these guys drive.

we should remember sometimes, they probably end up saving a few lives each and every night because there are less drunk drivers on the road.

now if i only can get a frequent rider discount"

- euge I.

This company never fails to pick me up on time, take me where I need to go in the fastest and most economical route possible, and give me fantastic service. I even had an experience at one point where I didn't have enough cash to pay for the entire fare and dude was nice enough to waive it and take me all the way home. They are so kind. So professional. I love that they have a GPS and a CC machine in their cabs. Every driver that has driven me has given me great service and even if I'm not quite the best customer (I have a deaf bat's sense of direction) they are amiable.

So why 4 stars? The phone operators are rather rude and cut you off and hang up before you can finish your sentence. I've actually had to call back in order to say "can you make that pick up in 20 minutes and not NOW?"

Other than that - I'm very happy with this company.

- Aeone S.